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1) Is it green, purple, red, or blue?

2) Your nose.
Not my nose!

3) Ever kissed a chicken?
Yes. No.

4) Do you have a sexy philtrum?

5) Do you motivate through fear or guilt?
Ehm, no.

6) What deep, dark secret do you have that if it ever got out would make you crawl under a rock for a decade or two?
I really, really hate chocolate frogs. I can't really explain it.


8) What would you like to do to the person who tagged you to take this survey?
I wasn't tagged. A girl just came up in the hallway and gave me a slip of parchment with this on it. Wait, did she tag me? Maybe ... maybe I'd like to give her a cauliwobble.

9) Tag a pile of people and guilt trip them into taking this survey too and spread the confusion and the shame as they attempt the ridiculous.
Ooh, sniggy. Lils, Cristy, Julie, Nan, Leisel. Siriweed, Jimmy. That Cordelia girl.

10) Now go crawl under a rock where decent people don't have to look at you, you chicken kisser!
What? No!
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Can't wait til the Hufflepuffs' party! It's going to be absolutely fabulous, I'm sure.

I was just wondering, who's got a date? I know Lily's probably going with Patrick, right? And Nan probably with Sirius? And Raphael and Esther would go together ... and that Cordelia girl'll find someone. Maybe.

I'm definitely taking the Cordelia girl's lizard. I'm going alone and I'm happy with it, apologies to Lils.

Anyway, reason I'm asking is that Remus looks like he could need a date. Except he'd never admit it, but do go ahead and ask him anyway.

Again, can't wait!
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Seems to be the trend to talk about Valentine's Day. But I didn't do anything. In fact, I did so little, it would be wiser to talk about something completely different.

Like a highly amusing and odd painting of cauliwobbles that I saw in a book by a muggle artist. It was really good, mind. Just odd. Wait, I'll insert the picture.

Alack! I can't find the book. Have this picture instead.


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I am in an absolutely pissy mood, and my knee is broken. "Jolly Jules", I swear the Gryffindor 3rd years are just as vicious as their Hufflepuff counterparts. Mimdamnit!

Alright, so it's not broken, but it still hurts enough after getting friggin' stampeded. MERLIN.

Crispy's question seconded. Where are all the boys? Honestly, the only one I ever seem to run into is Kingsley, and he doesn't seem to remember me, anyway. Oh, and that snivelling, whining boy. Regulus. I want Frank!

And what happened to the peppermint humbugs? Why don't they serve those at dinner anymore?
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Andy, thank you SO much for the gloves, the candy and the sunglasses! I swear, I'm looking so utterly cool right now. *grins broadly* I'll be sure to swing by the Ravenclaw common room to show you. Merlin, you're the best.

And Julie, I absolutely adore you for sending me my favorite masturbation device candy and those intriguing chocolates. *coughs* Now, I probably won't see you for the rest of the afternoon (*coughs again*), but let's have lunch together tomorrow, alrighty? Exclamation mark!

Oh, and I hope everyone liked their presents! I hope you received them. My owl's been acting sketchy lately.

- Dina
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