Dina Lind (Dee for short) (motherbrainez) wrote,
Dina Lind (Dee for short)

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Haha rock!

I'm at Lily's place! Jealous, Jimmy? Got here yesterday. It's wonderful, though I've managed to offend both her owl and, I think, her sister. But hey, the night week's still young!

Lils, I could just be going over to you and ask you, since you're actually just lying on the bed, so I'm only a few feet from you. But using my voice is always tiring, of course. So therefore: do we have any plans tonight? I was thinking that we should find ourselves a muggle club or bar or something. We should go dancing! I'm sure we could bluff our way in, we don't look that young, do we? We could walk, we needn't take the bus. Whaddaya say?

Everyone else: Hi! I've missed you all! Particularly you, Kingsley. If you happen to be reading this. Which you may not be. You know what, never mind, I'll just strike this out. You should talk to me. Talk to me! Yay!
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