Dina Lind (Dee for short) (motherbrainez) wrote,
Dina Lind (Dee for short)

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Ouch. No quidditch?

Jimmy, Sirius, Claudia, Frank, Cristy and so on, I'm really sorry. Blah.

And Marlene, I'm sorry that your Cinnamon Appreciation Society is probably, well, cancelled. Right? Maybe not. I don't know. I'm sorry if it is.

In other news, the same plant that bit Cordelia bit me so now we're in the hospital wing together with mumps. I'm a lot more cheerful about it than she is, though! Keeps saying random curse words in her sleep. But that's just because I had them before. I guess magical ones don't care about resistance, do they? In any which case, Lils, can I persuade you to come by for a talk and Fizzing Whizbees? Because it's getting boring. Sorry, Cordelia. Oh, and anyone else who wants to come.

By the way, did anything ... happen in school? Madame Pomfrey looks really very distraught and I think she's talking about someone's parents. Did someone get seriously injured or something? I guess not. You'd have talked about it, I guess.
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