Dina Lind (Dee for short) (motherbrainez) wrote,
Dina Lind (Dee for short)

[Private to Kingsley]

Would you care to meet me sometime? As in, well, would you care to meet me sometime? Soon. We could, y'know, not eat squid!


Hi, everyone! I don't think I really met you on the train - well, I didn't, because I wasn't on the train. Because I missed the train. So McGonagall came to collect me and we had to ride brooms. Now I have multiple bruises most in the general area of my inner thighs all over my body.

Did I ever mention how much I hate flying?

And Professor McGonagall kind of didn't think much of me missing the train. I'm sorry, Professor. There was an emergency at home. It involved my dad and a turtle. I don't know where he got the turtle. I don't know much at all.


Is everyone still around? I've only really seen Lily and Nan and Leisel and the other girl (what's her name again? I think she's new, or possibly I just never talked to her, but that's sort of insane) and the people on the linked journals, because I've only really been to my dorm, in my bed, reading the linked journals. Anyway, I digress. Is everyone still around? And is everyone okay? I don't know, I ... Yeah. I hope you're fine. I should probably be a good girl and go out and find you but there's a bag of Chocolate Frogs calling my name.

Tomorrow, yeah?
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