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[Proteced from professors and other staff]

Got detention in Charms today for accidentally walking into Professor Flitwick. He wouldn't have minded, probably, but he upturned his cup and got hot tea all over him (honestly, he shouldn't be ferrying around warm beverages during practical class time) and I had to perform a cooling charm - and that was the nub and thrust of it; he said it's not up to NEWT standard. Well, I'm not sure what he wants me to do, but I have to spend three hours doing it, on Saturday night, alone in greenhouse four.

Can you say party?

Just kidding. Don't report me, Lils!

[protected from Slytherins]

I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't been around much lately. Perfectly logical explanation, though: I'm in the hospital wing with a malfunctioning hand. It's sort of strange, I can't really move it or do anything with it - but at least it doesn't hurt, I guess! Someone made me the lovely gift of an old cup - sent it to me by owl post, and the handwriting really looked like my mum's - but it made my hand do this when I picked it up. Just goes to show you shouldn't trust arriving packages when it's not your birthday, I suppose. I don't know if it was meant to be a prank or what, but it's ridiculous and stupid.

Pomfrey says I'm lucky I didn't pick it up with both hands. I didn't even pick it up with my wand hand (because I held a piece of toast in that one) so I'm able to write and I'll probably be able to get out of the hospital wing soon, too, even if Pomfrey apparently doesn't know what to do about the hand. But hey, s'long as I can hold a wand, she's not really able to keep me here, now is she? Professor McGonagall personally came by the other day with the longest list of homework you'd ever seen. It was implicit that if I don't get it done in a hurry, I'll be kicked out of school. No, it wasn't, but it was implicit that I should get it done quickly "or else!". And you know how scary Professor McGonagall is when she lets her nostrils flare. So now I'm sitting here, working on that Charms essay about Aguamenti. I'm running out of ink, though, and ... well, I'd just like some company, I suppose. Pomfrey says that she "can't stop me from having friends over" - I think she's getting tired of me asking all the time - so I would say that visiting restrictions have been lifted.

I know I sound pathetic. It's just so dreadfully boring being stuck here with no one but a second year boy who bursts into a chorus of "Ew, cooties!" every time I so much as turn in his direction. So anyone, if you have some free time not likely what with the amounts of work they pile upon us please come by and chat for a minute? Oh, just don't let the hand alarm you, though. It's looking a little worse for wear, but as I said, at least it's utterly painless.
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Eeee! Yay!

I met a guy, I met a guy, I met a guy! TAKE THAT, Kingsley who never owled me back WORLD! TAKE. THAT.

Also, Lils? I know you're very very sick of me saying this and gushing about Michael, but DO NOT DARE to smack me with your pillow again when you read this!
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Haha rock!

I'm at Lily's place! Jealous, Jimmy? Got here yesterday. It's wonderful, though I've managed to offend both her owl and, I think, her sister. But hey, the night week's still young!

Lils, I could just be going over to you and ask you, since you're actually just lying on the bed, so I'm only a few feet from you. But using my voice is always tiring, of course. So therefore: do we have any plans tonight? I was thinking that we should find ourselves a muggle club or bar or something. We should go dancing! I'm sure we could bluff our way in, we don't look that young, do we? We could walk, we needn't take the bus. Whaddaya say?

Everyone else: Hi! I've missed you all! Particularly you, Kingsley. If you happen to be reading this. Which you may not be. You know what, never mind, I'll just strike this out. You should talk to me. Talk to me! Yay!
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Ouch. No quidditch?

Jimmy, Sirius, Claudia, Frank, Cristy and so on, I'm really sorry. Blah.

And Marlene, I'm sorry that your Cinnamon Appreciation Society is probably, well, cancelled. Right? Maybe not. I don't know. I'm sorry if it is.

In other news, the same plant that bit Cordelia bit me so now we're in the hospital wing together with mumps. I'm a lot more cheerful about it than she is, though! Keeps saying random curse words in her sleep. But that's just because I had them before. I guess magical ones don't care about resistance, do they? In any which case, Lils, can I persuade you to come by for a talk and Fizzing Whizbees? Because it's getting boring. Sorry, Cordelia. Oh, and anyone else who wants to come.

By the way, did anything ... happen in school? Madame Pomfrey looks really very distraught and I think she's talking about someone's parents. Did someone get seriously injured or something? I guess not. You'd have talked about it, I guess.
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[Private to Kingsley]

Would you care to meet me sometime? As in, well, would you care to meet me sometime? Soon. We could, y'know, not eat squid!


Hi, everyone! I don't think I really met you on the train - well, I didn't, because I wasn't on the train. Because I missed the train. So McGonagall came to collect me and we had to ride brooms. Now I have multiple bruises most in the general area of my inner thighs all over my body.

Did I ever mention how much I hate flying?

And Professor McGonagall kind of didn't think much of me missing the train. I'm sorry, Professor. There was an emergency at home. It involved my dad and a turtle. I don't know where he got the turtle. I don't know much at all.


Is everyone still around? I've only really seen Lily and Nan and Leisel and the other girl (what's her name again? I think she's new, or possibly I just never talked to her, but that's sort of insane) and the people on the linked journals, because I've only really been to my dorm, in my bed, reading the linked journals. Anyway, I digress. Is everyone still around? And is everyone okay? I don't know, I ... Yeah. I hope you're fine. I should probably be a good girl and go out and find you but there's a bag of Chocolate Frogs calling my name.

Tomorrow, yeah?

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As Ted's doing the defence thing for the lower year Hufflepuffs, is anyone up for organizing something of the sort with the Gryffindors with me? Or, Ted, could we just merge and give all the houses some training?

I can't do much, personally, maybe a few charms, but Lily'll do them better, I think. But I'll gladly just be there and, as Ted says, try and cheer them up.

I don't know. I hope it won't escalate.
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